Trip to ILGM campus

I had a dream. I was entered into a trip to meet and learn on hand from all the pro`s at ILGM campus. Wouldn’t it be cool to have a trip giveaway so growers can come and learn from the masters in person. This would be a dream come true for many of us novice to expert growers. Give it some thought, and could make someones day, year, life.
P.S. Yes, I know there is too much info to see and hear in a few days, but it is MY dream anyways.
With all members there are, even $1.00 dollar for a ticket would probably cover cost for trip of a lifetime!
Sign me up!!!

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That would be awesome! Sounds like a good dream haha

Yeah, nice dream. Maybe someday. But the current legal nature of things, both in the US as well as northern Europe and the rest of the world, at least for now, makes this impossible.

In many of these European countries that grow and sell seeds, only the selling of the seeds is actually legal, growing them, and especially flowering them for human consumption is often still entirely illegal.

On a side note, technically, even if you have a medical card in the USA, again, not all of this is entirely legal, and I believe this is very clearly laid out in numerous areas about the actual purchasing of seeds.

Keep on fighting for full legalization, write to and vote for your representatives and senators that will support full legalization, and then, maybe someday we can make this happen.

Happy dreaming,



I would take the trip…live, learn and love it!

As for learning, with all the Grow Mentors, a Fearless Leader and Science Officer giving free assistance AND Bergman’s Lab for organized information and help (at a slight cost) through your grow…it’s too easy with, my bong and a comfortable chair.

A trip to the nutrient side of the company would be awesome, wouldn’t that be completely legal?