Hey guys. I don’t know anything about trimming/pruning plants or why that works or how it works. How do you know which stems to trim and which to leave alone? I imagine by cutting a stem somehow that will produce more growth near the cut? I don’t wish to cut anything useful I don’t think Thank you as always :slight_smile:

We have a few articles about this:

No one says you have to trim. some growers prefer to let the plant grow naturally, reducing stress and a nice yield.

On the other hand here are many different methods and opinions on trimming. the less the better I say. Trimming causes stress, and stress can lead to issues in the growth cycles.

If you need to trim; You allow the plant to establish itself first. Then you trim the weakest and lowest under brush, but lightly in order to not, stress the plant. This is as simple an explanation as you could apply, at least when you are learning to grow, and safe.

Awesome. Both of these help me a lot. Thank you guys

Instead of printing or cutting stems can you cut like maybe half the leaf

What would be the point of that?

True sorry