Trimming yellowing leaves

Second grow, first time outdoors with Tropical Fuel OG from thekushhouse dot com. I have about a month or so from harvest. Should I trim yellowing leaves or leave till brown? I know the plant is utilizing them for flower but, at what point are they extra baggage for the plant?

My observation is based on gardening in general.
Outdoors the risk is mold on older leaves.
Once they are fully yellow remove them and dont leave them near the plants.
Lots of people fighting mold right now.

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two main reasons to trim yellow leaves:
plant looks prettier
any new changes will be easier to spot.

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When they come off with a slight tug, it’s time for them to go.

Snipping fan leaves in a hostile environment (ie. Wet/cool fall) can allow molds easier access to the plant.


Thanks everyone. Appearance is part of it and the other part was to keep airflow thoroughly across the plant to prevent mold. Again thanks!

Something we overlook! You can easily create an entry point for stem rot. As stated it’s best to remove when the plant wants to release it.

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