Trimming the plant itself?


So I am gonna trim up my plants they are starting to flower it’s outside they are bushy trees
how far should I trim them up?

which branches would you consider not good?
(Meaning out of the smaller little shoots growing from other branches. )

And how far from the main stalk up the branches.


Those are beautiful limbs on that girl. Let it be and let nature run its course. I lollipoped my girls but that is indoor and you will have plenty of good sized nugz, so a little popcorn nugz at the bottom doesn’t hurt anything.


Use all the bottom growth to make hash.


I’d just trim anything at the bottom 6"-12". Other than that they look great.


That’s just one plant. Lol.
I’m so proud it’s my first time growing. But I have read seen and learned of many techniques. And have used several for this particular plant and I have read that you trim about a foot from the Main stem. And wanted too see if others agreed or had other was of successful yields.