Trimming Sucker Leaves

When is the best time to trim sucker leaves? Pros and cons?

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I’m a defoliating fool but I don’t go that far. Give it a bit before you do anything else.

Did someone instruct you on your technique or is it just something you decided to do? What are you hoping to accomplish by removing the leaves?

I usually wait until after the first month to defoliate. I choose a mid sized leaf and remove any larger leaf. The object is to encourage new growth. With a mature root system a plant can rejuvenate itself quite easily. Most of my plants bounce back real quickly once I’ve defoliated them or taken clones.


I echo the above. You can really slow down growth cutting them that early. The only reason I take leaves is to either open up air flow through the plant or expose bud sites that are shaded


Thanks. I was trying to exposed shaded leaves. I will back off.

I just decided to do it. Trying to encourage limb growth.

If I were you I wouldnt cut anything on that young girl. There is not enough greenery and she is way to small. Let her hrow noce and storng.
Happy growing…

Update: the girls seem to be recovering and filling in. They are 30 days old today (germination date 10/27). I won’t trim any more leaves but would like to top them. Please advise.

4 days since trimming.

Today is flip day. 46 days since germination.

Flipped on 12/10/21


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