Trimming sprout leaves


How soon can I clip the sprout leaves or does it make any difference?


The Cotyledons dry up and fall off my themselves.


I had read somewhere that trimming leaves that are going to die anyway helps send nutrients to the rest of the plant sooner than waiting on nature to take its course


Cotyledons give the seedlings the food it needs until the the more mature leaves take over. I would let nature take its course.


Actually, letting the sprout leaves yellow and fall off allows the plant (once the plant has suitably matured) to retrieve the nutrients from those leaves. The yellowing is part of the nutrient reclamation by the plant. That said, I don’t think that there’s a lot of harm either way. I don’t think that their being allowed to fall off naturally will promote any disease, and I suspect that the plant is no longer sending nutrients to them once they no longer serve their purpose.


I agree 100% with this and with @Dumme, the cotyledons (embryonic leaves) will die on their own and when they do they will pretty much tell you by your choice if your ready to start feeding as long as its 5-7 leaf nodes in and a weak dosage for the start of feeding (about the first 2-4 weeks of feeding)


I still have those cotyledons on 1 of my auto WW, she is in her 2nd week of flowering day 6th, should i be worried ? xD


No, it’s fine.


all right, thanks dude ! :slight_smile:


You can cut leaves later but definitely don’t cut those ones off. It’s literally your plants food for the first part of its life. Cutting those leaves is like cutting the ambilical cord while still inside the uterus… just not a good idea.