Trimming kits / combo kits

Thinking about making some dry sift hash. Looked at trimming kits on Amazon, what would recommend?

Trim Bin
Fiskar or AC Infinity Scissors


I have a Common Culture Trimming Tray. I it when I do my finish trimming (dry) before curing

A tray of sugar leaves and a couple containers of small buds that are not worth trimming.

For larger scale sifting you may want to consider screen printing screens. I have three 23x31" aluminum screens from Total Ink Solutions.


I love the trimbins but i feel like they all do the same thing with just varying depths on how deep the tub is and difference in design. If you were on a budget you could get strainers at the dollar store and a baking sheet lined with parchment paper or small tub and get the same results. I do like the idea of the bigger screen tho @beardless you and your great ideas man💡

Believe me, I didn’t think of it but thanks. The Common Culture tray was much less $$ than trim bins. I have yet to use the print screens. It will be a winter project to process all of the sugar leaf trim that I have collected from the GDP and Purple Haze grows. It is close to a pound of loaded sugar leaves.


Thanks much , I am looking to cheep out on this because have not tried it before. I will get trim off of about 4 lbs and have no idea how much can be collected from that, worth a try.


I’ve used a set of the print screens from Amazon the red ones I think they’re 16x24 or something like that set of three if you’re really into screening your trim that’s the way to go freeze the trim then screen it while it’s still froze for best results but you get a crazy amount of kief :v:

I haven’t tried the others but the trim bin works excellent.


Trimbin works very well.