Trimming in freezer

Alright guy’s have about an oz. of trim in the freezer. What is a fast and easy way to put them to good use and not waste them? Thanks…

Bubble hash! That’s what I’m planning for my first harvest. Get some bubble bags, a 5-gal bucket, and some ice, and you’re good to go! Supposed to get about 1g per oz of trim. I got a 4-bag system ($20), but this is what they look like with an 8-bag:

You can make cannabutter too, there are plenty of easy recipes for that if you prefer edibles.

Wasn’t looking to spend money just a simple free sumpn. Thanks just the same though.

There was a recent discussion about this on another thread, I think it was @Majiktoker (?) that had a method using just a blender and coffee filters.

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Look in the thread those of you that use sugars I posted quite a few things there about bubble hash, I’ll be in when I can, have to work an all nighter


That’s it ! …check out @Majiktoker he’s got the super-easy system !

I’m making some too as soon as Amazon delivers my scale tomorrow
-good luck


Thanks man

I do it the same way, but skip a couple of the waiting to settle and jump to the coffee filter. If your careful, you can squeeze the last good bit of water out by slowly drawing the edges of the filter together until it has drained enough to grip all the edges together, and slowly squeeze the rest out twisting the top of the filter until you have a firm ball. Just be careful not to rip filter, then you start over. Lol

There’s tons of videos on you tube. Just search making bubble hash

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Thanks for the info. guy’s…

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Fyi, if you let it settle you get more out of it makes it well more worth it in the end and if I’m in a hurry that’s how I drain it, otherwise Letting it settle gives you max return :wink: also makes it more worth the time doing it


Found this on pressing your own concentrates, this is from the company I bought my travel case from (which I LOVE!), they’ve got several interesting articles on their site:

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