Trimming fan leaves on White Widow auto's

My WW auto’s are in late veg, and the upper fan leaves are huge. They are covering what looks like pre flower sites. Should I prune some of them so light can get in,or let them go?

Let them go for best growth

First…let me say " Welcome To to ILGM. You have most definitely come to the riTnplace

@Paranorman is correct …thoughts big fan leaves are like Solar Panals that feed the plant its energy. Cut them you loose.
Try tiring them back first…OK

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Thanks for the quick replies. I am going to let them go. First grow, and so far so good. This site is invaluable and much appreciated.

@iheartmj. You are very welcome. EveryOne here are more than happy to
Help you out in anyway that they can.

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