Trimming during flowe is a good thing or bad dont wanna stress her

Should I take the bottom off this plant im I
Three weeks in flower need to know i wanna chop everything but a few leaves were the bud spots are

Can you get some pictures in natural light? Difficult to tell from what you posted, but you may not have a whole lot to gain.


U can defole last time at like 3 weeks then let it go

Looks like an autoflower. If so you don’t need to trim anything. You might want to monstercrop or LST it to get more light down into the lower nodes. It looks like the plant is early enough into flower to do this. I bend down the nodes carefully and pin a fan leaf from that node to the side of the pot.



Ok so is it cool to take fan leaves off at this point now I can get y’all some better pics I had to move light up 6 more inches today and I have alot of flowering going on I wanna defol really bad alot of the bottom leaves that really serve no cause at this point and a few fan leavs from middle to the last two at top and leave those and leave two fans on each node so I’m wode open for light on all spots but dont wanna stress at all not sure of gene because came out of some fire bag sewed I jad close to three months ago

Yes take large leaves that shade bud sites… and monsterceopping is taking clones during flower … u dont clone autos theres no point it won’t reveg but u can super crop which I believe he mentt by pinching a balance and pinning it out so u have more of a table top of a plant instead of a crust mass tree

see how tall and lanky they were … I originally grew them as mothers but after replenishing my mother supply I decided to scrog em and this is what I mean by spreading the plant side ways instead of tall those are 7 foot plants if left u. Trained but since I trained them to be flat they will yeild much higher weight and better quality through out as light bbn is distributed evenly


That looks great! I want to learn to do that. I’m so worried I’ll screw them up or break them . I’m 1.week into flowering and have some fan leaves blocking bud sites but I’m afriad to cut them. Several are close to the tops of the plants?

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Wait a week if it hasn’t popped its head up over the leaf taken the keep the leaf or the branch what do you think is more valuable if it’s not reaching over half way take the branch its robbing energy from the top that the leaf is providing …j have to weigh you situation buds needs a certain amount of solar panels to developed properly u cant really grow a plant and expect buds with no dan leaves maybe sword the end I’ve seen ppl get away with it but ifs not ideal… keep the leaves hack the larf producing branches they might look cool but they end up being the diameter of your pinky or smaller not worth the clean up u could have directed that energy to higher buffed that got sufficient light and perhaps increased the potential energy in this way

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A suckle branch down low might turn out to be 3 to 4 times the size if added onto an already properly lit properly placed kola …u get wh as t I mean? All the energy to make that branch and a small fully developed flower that got sub par light could have been better used energy up at the top