Trimming cleaning off lower branches


I just began my 3rd week of flower since I began the 12 12 light cycle. I took some clones (week 2 of flower) and cleaned off a few of the lower branches but I’m wondering now if it is too late for me to clean off anything in the middle of the plant that’s not getting enough light? like the popcorn buds, little stems underneath the main canopy, etc?
My concern is stressing out my girls too much by the third week of flower heading to the finish line.
Thank you for any thoughts and help regarding this.


I’ll always leave a few of those on for some samples durring late flower when she’s getting close, but to each their own.


I wouldnt take anything off but you can still bend your branches to get more light to middle.


@Dieselgrower, @Laurap, thank you for your quick replies. Diesel that’s a very good point about later and flower of taking samples. I never really tried that. I’ve always done the hundred times look at the trichomes but a sample might be nice! Thank you.
Laurap I am thinking like you are. Probably not worth the gamble to cut them off and with the added bonus of what diesel pointed out of taking samples. I figure a little more popcorn bud just means a little more stuff for my ice bubble hash bags. I appreciate it. Good luck and happy growing to everyone. Thank you!


It says I have to wait an hour for a like, so here’s a thumbs-up haha thank you for your help and time i appreciate it :+1:


As @Laurap stated you csn also bend back the bigger fan leaves and tuck them so you can lessen the cutting on her. Sometimes I’ll take a twist tie and bend the leaves back and secure it to a stem, sometimes I can do that and still cut a few off to get the same effect with less cutting. If that makes sense


I took some of those popcorn buds as samples…pita to quick dry and gave a decent high but not with the trouble in my opinion. Try some super cropping or bending like @Laurap suggests.


Definitely makes sense. I do a little low stressing beginning and through with a few other things. But I think we are on the same page. I tuck them when I can.
I was looking at them tonight when I was going in to see if they needed a water and they just didn’t look quite as pretty as some of the people’s I see on the forum. I do remove a good chunk of the bottom third but that’s basically from taking a few clones and a few Snips here and there of really scrawny looking things. But I’ll leave them be for now. Thanks a lot I appreciate this help


For sure. It’s funny you mention super cropping for the first time in my few years of growing I actually got the nerve up to snap some little branches and try a few different techniques. You guys are all right that plant can take some twists and turns long as you don’t get too crazy. And that’s what I was trying to avoid with this extra trimming I think in my heart I knew the answer but I was looking for a little asthetics along the way haha


I even took my clones the latest as I ever had during my second week into flower. I usually do it right at the 12 12 cycle or that first week. It’s a learning curve and a learning process I’ll see what happens by the time this one’s all done and keep notes and try and improve for next time. I love this site and thanks to all of you for reading replying and helping. Each time I just trying to get a little bit better time will tell.


Welcome @neckNflu, I have been reading your posts and it’s great to see all off the help people are willing to to give, I’m on my forth grow for medical use so yes definitely organic :ok_hand: when I am do some TLC time with my lady’s I just keep them looking really healthy when you were talking about worrying about stressing your plants your are right to be I tip I got from a friend off mind was to do this just before you feed and that this helps with any stressing good luck with your grow and keep it up :v:


If you are into flower dont supercrop. It can stress them & possibly herme. You could add lighting or bend them more to expose the middle.


Sorry @neckNflu, @Laurap is right. I meant super crop ahead of time to prepare for flowering. Thanks for the correction Laurap!


Just waking up too


Good call on not training in flower @Laurap
Training should be done prior to flowering you can do some training threw the streach period
As far as removing the popcorn buds and all you can certainly do that
I remove everything 12” and below depending on plant hieght i might go as high as 18 inches doing this will cause plant to focus on top of the plant


no worries. I’ve been reading a lot over the last year or more before I joined. I knew what you meant and I’ve seen your posts so I know you guys/gals all know what you’re talking about. Thank you for the help I appreciate it


Thank you for the heads up. I appreciate that. I recall reading about that in the past but it’s always nice to have somebody bring it to the forefront. I love this website and I love how everyone treats each other’s grow almost like it’s their own. Nobody wants to give any kind of bad information or off-the-cuff. Really refreshing an amazing site. Thanks to everyone too.


Thank you John I appreciate that. I am also growing for medical reasons ( plates and screws C4 to C7, lots of nerve damage in the arms and neck, etc) so like you and, probably 99.9% of everyone on this website, we understand how important some of this stuff can be to some of the members. I appreciate your heads up and thank you for your help and advice. I have been just bending leaves at this point and twist tying some branches farther away from each other. That sort of thing. Trying not to overdo it.
I do recall hearing about watering or feeding right after you do those things and I’ll have to remember that for next time. I didn’t always do it on each of my cleanings this time but last grow im pretty sure I did it. Have a good morning! Thanks


Thank thank you @Countryboyjvd1971 ! I am going to take note in my little journal thing and write down that it is okay to do those things at the certain time frames.
Thank you for giving me some distances to think about. I always kind of had in my head the bottom 3rd as a rough estimate but as a person who’s pretty visual the distances were nice. I will add those to my journal and notes .
Thank you for your reply I appreciate your help. By the way over the last couple years ,even before I was a member, I have been a big fan of yours and all you guys. All of you who responded to this post I think I have followed/read at least 1 of your posts or grow journals over time. So I know all of you know what you’re talking about😁 So thanks for your replies! I love reading this forum. All of you are very knowledgeable, helpful & trustworthy. That means a lot so thank you guys and gals!


Glad to be of help @neckNflu tag me if you need anything else