Trimming. By hand or machine

Im deff a rookie grower. But one thing i learned quick is that trimming sucks (it might just b me too though). Been thinking about getting a machine. Anyone have any feedback ?

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I’ve never done it with a trimmer, I’m old school I hang the whole plant and dry trim, just my preference my friend.


I too prefer hand trimming but I trim with plant standing. Wet trim.
I’ve always taken everything and put on screen to dry.
Again. It’s up to your personal preference.

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trim machines work great. especially if you have a roomful of trimming to be done.
otherwise…lots of money for not much use.

your choice

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Just gotta get your head in the right space, and view it as a meditation. If you have friends you can trust, turn it into a trim party. :sunglasses: Happy harvest!


I’m with you on that one. I have a buddy that always comes to help. I have friends that come up for vacation during outdoor harvest season to help trim. I hook them up nicely for the help. Otherwise it would take me forever. You get a plant that has 10 or more ounces on it you will be begging for help.


I had a roommate about 25 years ago helped one of his friends trim for about three days every fall. Needless to say we had a freezer full pretty amazing smoke. That was nice for those few years I didn’t have any outdoor crops going.

Might help to get the scissors with a spring in the handle that helps the blades open.
Less muscle work.


One week to hand trim 40 oz was a mission , 12 hour days was glad when it was done