Trimming before you dry

Getting ready to dry my first grow bruce banner auto.
Just curious how much trmming should be done before hanging ?
And does no trimming effect the taste ?
IE : the bud drawing in the moisture from leaves and stems get more of the hay smell? Chlorophyll from the leaves get drawn into the bud ?
Im not a expert just a newbie with questions

Trimming before drying or after is a personal preference more than anything. The trick is to get the plant to dry in 5-7 days. After the plant is trimmed and dried most will put the buds in some kind of glass jar. The curing is when the hay smell comes and goes. During the first week it in the jar it is important to burp the jars a couple times a day, which is opening the jar a couple times for approximately 15-minutes. This allows moisture to be released from the jar. Burping can be reduced as time goes and you get the moisture to the level you want, I aim for 55-60% in the jar. The longer you can cure in the jar the better the bud. 3 week bud will be better than 1 week etc it can all be smoked it just gets better with age.


@Bubblehead i read of some people using the humidity packs during curing? Is this just personal preference as well ?

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After they get through the initial few weeks people will use humidity packs. There has been some limited experiments done that indicated humidity packs were bad for quality if used from the start.


I have always trimmed wet. Just personal opinion. I tend to not loose as much kief off the plant when wet than when dry. Plus for me I just like getting it all done and hanging from the start. Then i can just put them in my jars to cure. Either way works though.
Good luck and enjoy.


I wet trim them then clean them up a little after drying and then into jars with little hydrometers to check humidity.

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