Trimming before Flower

I need help on proper way to trim this Gorilla Glue she’s a feminized plant 12 weeks old. Not sure trimming is advised, or if I should cut lower fan leaves to help the budding.


Nice plant you have there. Holy smokes. This is way out of my league. :+1::+1::+1:

I wouldn’t go crazy trimming but I also wouldn’t let anything be touching the ground. I’d also prolly trim it enough to where I could reach anything underneath it and all around the base trunk stem. If anything it will help keep pests and mold to a minimum. That’s a helluva plant homie!! Good job :clap:t2:

Start from the bottom and work one branch at a time. Go up to a point of your choosing and just stop trimming :man_shrugging:t2:. There’s no wrong way it’s up to you

Beautiful plant!!! :heart_eyes:

WOW!!! What a beaut. I’m so jealous.

I lollipop my outdoor plants. I clean up about 1/3-1/2 of all the branches. Going in and removing the growth that will never be more than popcorn buds will leave more for the top of the plant.

Polly was a clone that I placed outside.

I just kept trimming until I could see her inners.

When we harvested her we got about 24 oz.

This is her top at harvest.


I have now seen it all
I did a double take when I realized there was a full grown human behind all that sweet bud


Well, not full grown. I call her my homunculus.

Lol I had to look it up

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She’s always looking up.

I keep her around because she grows the big plants.


Dude wtf 24 oz! Noice

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Awesome plant 🪴!

I started from the bottom up !!!

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