Trimming and defoilaging - autoflowers

I am 1 year into growing and still learning. In my last grow I started trimming leaves in week 5, 6 and 7.
2 of my plants were stunted and the others produced a good harvest. I think the trimming in week 7 was too much on the 2 plants. I am aiming for good clean tops. I am guessing start in week 4 with the trimming.

Week 7 -12 leaves grow out of control.

Any support is appreciated.

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Could you fill out the support ticket. it will with future questions and we all like to look at pics. :blush:

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I do random trimming on blemished leaves. Then I’ll do a clean up right before the flip to 12-12. Right around 3 weeks into flower I strip the bottom 1/3 if the plant and any fan leaf that’s blocking bud sites goes. I continue keeping up with naked bottom and fan leaves blocking buds throughout the grow.


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I was under the impression with auto flowers 12/12, 18/6 or 24 hr lighting cycles didn’t matter. What has been your experience with 12/12.

It’s seriously the same experience I have with 18/24hrs it just cost less electricity to run. As long as you keep the light intensity In the correct range I haven’t found a difference.