Trimmed and ready to harvest

My gold leaf about ready. Next is a no name plant from some seeds of some medical marijuana i bought. Third is my durbin poision just put in budding room


I’d let em bulk up for another week or two: still have lots of white pistils.


Hey @Lnnicholas , 410 has you covered well.
I just want to encourage you to maybe next grow just start a single thread and post your questions there. You can tag a few people to follow and answer questions. Tag them with the @ symbol Like this @Lnnicholas .Every time you post a new question in a new thread most of us have no clue what the history is. We give much better answers with all the history.
Keep on growing and have fun

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You talking the gold leaf, 10 weeks 2 days so far. Not growing any more and pixels turning more and more every day. The no name is about 4 weeks

Yeah; give it time and it will look more like this:

Gold Leaf indoor in Promix HP and GH nutes


Plants are not ready to harvest you got a couple weeks at least. You want nearly all those white hairs to turn brown and recede back into the calyx’s before you start checking trichomes. They should fatten uo some more. If you harvest too early thc levels will be less and the high will suck. To early you get a racey anxious and sometimes even a paranoid type of high.

It could be the difference between ok pot and really good or even super good pot

At least 3 weeks to go.

Patience Grasshopper. :laughing:


You wanna harvest when pretty much all upper bud pistils(that AREN’T foxtails) darken and at least 75% of lower branch or popcorn bud pistils darken