Trim job for a special lady



Had to trim this one. She had sooo many leaves and I think it was stunting her bud development

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I don’t think the defol had anything to do with it. I’m taking leaves all throughout flower. How late in the day were these pics taken? Looks like she went to sleep or she was just watered.

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It was about 630 pm. She’s been a bit droopy the past few days. Outta my 5 plants she’s been the only one. I trimmed a few but not a lot

She perk up in the morning at all?

Yeahh a little bit but she hasn’t been chirpy like usual. Everything has been the same with her and all of em. Last thing I want to do is do something that could ruin it

Are they getting a lot of sun during the day? She may be one that wants some shade intervals throughout the day.

Yeahh tons of sun(when it’s out lol NE Ohio). Hmm never thought about it. They get sun when it rises basically until it sets

I have some hydrangeas and one wilts during the day while in direct sunlight and the other doesn’t have a problem with it. If I shade it, it’s fine. Maybe try and give her a little shade each day, if possible.


I hear that will do starting tomorrow. Always appreciate your advice my man


Pump up her chlorophyll, make her stretch more to the clouds :partly_sunny:, hit her with a drink with a teaspoon of Epsom Salt and she if she perks up than , 5 gallon 1 tablespoon and in 8 hours you’ll see a big difference, I’ll be waiting over in my thread lol .