Trim help for outdoor soil grow

Growing some free seeds but need advice on trimming.
The plants are sativa/indica cross.
They are tall, skinny, and sparse, what is the best practice to fill these plants out more.
Any help is appreciated, and do you need any more info on the plants?


@OlyBoy98503 is one of my favorite outdoor growers, and well respected.

Can I ask, when and how you added the grow stalk? That piece of wood to the center of the grows?

Indoor grower and not a big fan of nets, looking for alts.

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Just some Old dowels that were left by the previous owners, I ordered bamboo stakes and use 4 per plant. I just don’t have any rightNow.
I can post a pic when I get them in place if you like.


First, you got some pretty plants. Based upon their size, I’m assuming they are photos and not autos?

At this point, I’d cut off branches off the bottom (probably the bottom two nodes). The rest of your branches will get bigger, your plants won’t spend their energy on bud sites down at the bottom, and you won’t have to trim more larf than necessary.

The branches of the remaining bottom 2 or 3 nodes? I’d remove the sucker branches and the bud sites closest to the main stem. Same reasons. Less larf to trim, plant will focus energies on remaining branches/buds.

I would not remove any leaves at this point. I live at 47* N. Based on your pictures, you live south of me somewhere. So your plants are just beginning their stretch and will start to show buds soon. And they will get really bushy. That’s when you’ll start removing the fan leaves that grow inside the plant. Don’t worry about that now. Don’t trim any fan leaves now.

I would only cut off the lower branches and the bottom bud sites on the the 4 lower branches. But I wouldn’t blame you for getting a few other opinions.

What’s the closest major city you live near?
Tell us what you know about the seeds.

Tag me in your journal if you got one. And tag me if you have any questions. Again… great looking plants.

(Thanks, @Zee. man I gotta update my own journal)

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I’m actually In British Columbia in the middle of fire season, :grimacing:
The plants are Photo’s, both feminized, both are hybrid and the 2 tall ones are sativa dominant.
Geopots, Promix soil, from seed.
Nutes in tap water.

Plants look good!
Watch a video on LST.
You should try tying down the tip of one as an experiment. The lower branches will take off in 24 hours causing a bushier plant. Bigger yields…and it is tough to be so rough with your ladies, but they can take it…give it a go…also look at a video on lollipoping, it’s about keeping the bottom 12 inches free of fan leaves to help wit ventilation and helps keep healthy.

Happy gardening

oh! hey neighbor! then your plants got more stretching to do! I saw the screened in porch and thought it looked like Georgia.

that strain looks :fire: :fire: :fire:

I need to see if there’s a GDP x Wedding Cake strain available. (no i don’t. i need to stick with what i have right now)

My screened in gazebo. :joy:
West Kootenays actually. Only a couple days this month we have had under 30 degrees. Ash from the fires don’t seem to affect them, I’ll let
Them grow a little more.
Them from seed in my producer in feb and transplanted outdoors 3 weeks ago.