Trim from harvest for hash

I am just asking about making hash with my trim and small bud. What do I need to do with the trim? Do I basically do the same thing I do for the buds? Dry, jar,etc.? Also plan to buy them hash bags and do the regular ice method. Unless any better suggestions? Thanks for any info.

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If the trim is full of sugar leaves then sure; I usually add some primo stuff too when I shake.

Here’s what I do:

I use a 1 gallon 73 micron bag, a 2 X 3 foot sheet of glass and 1/2 pound of dry ice with 5 or 6 quarters dumped in the bag. Freeze flower, add frozen to bag, add dry ice and quarters then shake over glass. Use a squeegee to gather up each ‘shake’ and pile separately along the back of the glass to examine as you go. When the color starts to go ‘green’ then you are starting to sift plant material. It’s time to stop.

I then take that leftover material and add additional un-shaken flower/trim and decarb at 240F for one hour then dump into 20 oz of coconut oil in a crock pot with 1/2 cup of water and cook for 4 hours, strain and measure into 4 oz blocks for cooking. This way you get the full benefit of the plant material left over.

Doing dry ice kief is SO much easier than bubble hash. You can smoke it immediately too haha.

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I’m with @Myfriendis410 on the dry ice method, and I use a 73 micron bag as well. I smoke more hash than flower, so I make a lot of hash. I’ve used both methods and dry ice is superior, imo. I use a razor blade to consolidate the shake and then shove it in a pollen press so I get nice pucks of smokable hash.

I usually make my hash from bud, but all but roots and stem have some level of trichomes. That said, shaking fan leaves is pretty inefficient. Sugar leaves have a respectable amount of good stuff on them.

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Wow i have only done bubble hash once! Intersting process. I like to take the sugar leaves and let them dry out and then i smash them up over a trim bim and sift all the keefe out then. I did 5 bags ending with a 25m bag.

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I’ve made tea from them before. I really like the high from cannabis tea. It’s a nice level, long lasting, clear-headed buzz.

@mgjw I posted this in my journal.

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So if I wanted to wait until 2-3 months until next harvest (3-4 autos) to put it together, my question is do I need to do the same thing I do for the bud? Let it dry then into a jar? I don’t want mold, right? Just wanted to know if you do the same for both, if I am putting it up for later.

I’ve taken dried buds, larf and sugar straight from the drying racks to freezer ziplocs and then right to the freezer for a month then decarbed and made budder many times… again I’m only talking about the larf and small shit I’m not gonna jar and cure. Absolutely can be froze without curing as long as it’s dried and not wet, not freezer burnt. I’ve had this conversation before and some guys have taken wet trim froze it only to go straight to decarb in a couple days…that’s no dry time… anyways good luck nice talk…report back man even if it’s in a month or 2 with your findings…:+1:

I throw my trim in the freezer then whenever I get around to it, I put the trim thru a bubblebagdude washing machine then thru the bubble bags keeping the stuff from the 25m and 73m bags. I dry it in the freezer over parchment paper for a week or so then roll them with a wine bottle filled with warm water which presses and decarbs. Then I store in airtight jars. Sometimes I make a tincture from the hash and everclear and filter out the solids real good and cook it down to where 10 ml down the throat will floor you for 6-8 hours.