Trim Bag or Trim Bucket

I’ve harvest several times in the past and trimming is time-consuming and it is physically hard.
I saw trim bag or trim bucket, price tag $300.00+ If I have many plants to trim, I would consider buying one of this even at a high price. Then, I saw this video (DIY trimming bucket) There are pros and cons to using trimming tools, I am sure… But if it works and no need to spend $300+ (DIY trimming bucket cost about $5.00), why not use it?

Is there anyone here who has experience using such a tool?

Here is one of the positive reviews on using the Trimming tool.

…I got mine today and tried it out. The superior product works amazing and is very comfortable to use. For everyone who says you lose trichomes…well you don’t lose any more than your handling of the product. I can hand trim a bud and pull one out of the trim bag and there is ABSOLUTELY no difference. …

Someone questioned

wouldn’t the trichomes be shaken out as well…?

Answers below:

Trichomes tend to bend at room temperature and snap when frozen since we are not freezing the buds, the loss is minimal.

I believe no matter what you do you’re always doing some damage to them just try to keep it minimal.
Also depends on what other processing you plan on doing. For me, everything except the buds will go into an alcohol bath so really nothing is lost. Anything falling off the bud ends up in the RSO and 75% of my buds end up in my rosin press

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Cool technique. Even if you lose trichomes they can be captured and added to your RSO.

Minor point, and probably not necessary, but I would use a food grade plastic bucket.

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Although I want to point out that dry trimming is the devil and I don’t know why anyone would want to do it.

The key to trimming is to remove leafy green material leaving a high concentration of pure bud, removing this leafy material before drying & curing improves the smell & taste of your bud. The more plant material the more hay like smell you get.
Wet trimming followed by drying and then proper curing leaves you with much better smelling and tasting buds then dry trimming.
If your going to crush everything into a concentrate then don’t even trim.


@Nicky I hear what you are saying, and for arguments sake I would like to ask.

Have you tried a comparison of both wet and dry trimmed buds?

I do a preliminary rough trim and then a fine detail dry trim mid cure. I do this for 2 reasons:

1 - I have read that dry trimming protects the bud and trichomes during the drying period and also slows drying which is universally accepted as a superior drying method(slow drying that is).

2 - doing a final trim on newly harvested plants can be a barrage of work at one time and splitting up the trimming over time makes the task more manageable.


@AAA I agreed about the food safe container. Local bakeries always get rid of 5 Gallon buckets free and it is a food-safe bucket.

Another idea came to mind… since it is DIY trimmer, after rolling the buds, adding mesh fabric like this to cover the bucket and secure it with a rubber band or string to secure the mesh and shake the sugar leaves to a different container. Then, only the trimmed buds will remain in the bucket.

My first bud smells and tastes amazing and I dry trimmed. I never did wet but my stuff ended up drying to about 58 percent and it looks smells and tastes great. I also read theories that people think the plant still leaches energy from the leaves even after chop.


@AAA right back at you brother, I hear what you are saying. It’s alot of work lol, my fingers hurt & cramp.

I havebt heard the protection claim but I’m no expert. Although I have done both and I prefer wet trimming (although I had never seen this easy bucket method nor have I tried it)

I find getting the right smell/taste out of final buds to be a bigger issue then trimming be it my buds or buds i buy from time to time.
Some buds can look great if not amazing but so often they lack that true smell, sometimes they lack the taste as well.

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Right on @DankGunslinger.

@Nicky it’s an art for sure. I’m going to try a head to head comparison once I have 2 identical clones or close to identical buds from the same plant.