Trim auto grow?

Ok, this is my first grow and I am learning a lot as I go. I have gorilla glue, auto, led, tent, SOG grow. I put 7 plants in a 2x4 tent. Yes, its a jungle in there. Difficult to even water plants. 51 days into grow. Should I trim the lower branches for both better access and to provide more energy for buds? Only 25 to 30 days from likely harvest. Thanks

gotta see a photo. I can only imagine. Trim? When did they start flowering? If you think you only have a month left, were they flowering the middle of July? Major pruning of autos late in flower can cause problems. Personally, I would want the bottoms cleaned out, not for the benefit of bigger buds, but rather to prevent problems associated with overcrowding, poor air circulation, high humidity, etc etc. All of these conditions can lead to mold, bud rot and other nasty things.
I would prune / clean up the bottom half be removing any leaves and also remove all small buds because they will only be fluff.
Major pruning and LST on autos should be done early. Once done it is mostly maintenance.


@beardless has you covered. Great advice.

Been in flower for 2 weeks.

2 weeks into flower u got another 8 weeks left

You can trim them up a little bit. They are nice and lush for autos. You might want to back off the nitrogen a bit. Those dark, waxy leaves are telling you that she is approaching nitrogen toxicity.

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As I described. I would remove large leaves at and below the net. Also prune out secondary growth tips that will not grow above the net. Do that now. After that shouldn’t be much to do. Possibly some upper leaves if blocking buds. You do know as a general rule, plants will only grow to the space they have available.
This one Jack Herer auto

I do like a full house. I usually grow 4 photos in a 3x3