Trim a lot ? or leave it go?

I learned what you’re saying the hard way. I was in about the second week after I had flipped, and thought I would just bend them out a little to get some light down lower and snapped off what would have been a good size cola.:sleepy:

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Trimming off fan leaves vs. not trimming off fan leaves seems to be a big debate amongst cultivators.
I’ve had several spirited debates (in real life) with other cultivators.

I’ve always been of the “leave them be and trim only the very bottom or yellowing leaves” theory.

But, perhaps they have a point. Or not. Since I’ve only ever grown my way I think I’ll try their way on a plant in the near future. Just to see if maybe there is something to defoliation


Looks good that top pic I’d definitely title them branches down and after pinching them branches one last time you will get a perfect plant structure after you get buttons then you should pick and choose what stays or goes based on what gonna get light or not …definatpey want airflow in between limbs

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I did that last grow, I went easy on her yesterday, alls good.

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