Trigger for flowering

Banana Kush outdoors are very healthy but have been alive for about 3 months. When and how will they begin to flower?

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If you are in US, in the next month.


Thanks. I’ll look forward to it.

What is autoflower?

Welcome to ILGM @whyme2019. Once your light hours are short enough they will flip to flowering. Depending on ur location in the US and strain… could be next week. Could be next month. Just watch for little white hairs (pistils) and then the stretch is ONNNN

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Welcome as well @DaRookie. And autoflower is a type of plant that flowers regardless of lighting schedule. Photo plants begin to flower when the light schedule is closer to 12/12… auto’s flip to flower whenever they feel like it.

Its unforgiving, but one less thing to worry about. They also TEND to grow smaller. But i have seen some MONSTER autoflower trees


Can you tell if they’re Auto’s just by looking at them?

Nope. But i can by asking a few questions. And pics are always appreciated around here.

First thing indoor or outdoor?


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Ok how many days from seed?

And where are you located? If in us east, west, midwest, south?

NorCal and 3 are from seed 5 weeks and a clone my friend dropped off for my bday I have no clue how many times that one was topped off

Its September before San Fran’s daylight hours go under 13. @Big123 i believe is outdoor and semiclose. I remember he has a gsc that starts around late July. Maybe he can chime when the others get started.

Any idea what strain @DaRookie? And honestly. After 5 weeks most autos flip. So u may have photoperiods on ur hands

My strand is cookies, and my clone has yellow spots that I’m learning about how to treat,and I’m using tap water with drip time. And I’m looking into a way to filter chlorine out I dont have the room or ambition to use a reservoir

I always thought she started to flower on her own. And I’ve heard of peeps tapping them to trick them into flowering and this year I really really want to learn to grow some BEAUTIFUL flowers lol

Welcome to ILGM, @whyme2019 and @DaRookie. Purp has you covered. :v:

The ILGM GSC-X I grew outdoors last year finished just after mid September.

Suggest you download the FREE grow book on this site.
Very helpful and informative.

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That’s your answer