Tried using the payment method recommended by IGM


I tried to use what IGM wanted me to order my seeds. Well that didn’t work! Much easier when you could use your credit card. The payment IGM has asked me to use is not accepting the provided email address or the name given. So much for trying to order seeds! Guess I will have to find somewhere else to order………very disappointed!

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You should contact customer service on the seed order page. The forums are separate.


I suggest you try to order ILGM, best seeds and service I’ve had yet. You won’t be disappointed.

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Contact shop support they will give u new email and different ways to pay just had to do it


I tried another seed bank and so disappointed I did only reason was wanting strains ILGM didn’t have. Man have learned my lesson and should have waited. ILGM now have a few of the ones I ordered. I now have to order from them anyway due to what I paid for will not germinate!! All I got in response from them was some points for a discount on next order. Lol I’m having trouble paying also but will definitely be working with them on getting it to go through ILGM is definitely worth it!!

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ILGM will get back with u just be patient


Just read the instructions a few times and try another method. They aware quick to ship to easy to take a day or two to ship


I strongly reccomend sticking with ILGM for seeds & other products because they will do the right thing by you and you get what you pay for. Seen too many posts on this forum from disappointed people that went elsewhere.
As for another payment method Bitcoin is quite easy to use, plenty of tutorials can be found on YouTube to help you with that.


@Sth61The420State I know it is not my first order with IGM; however last time I ordered I was able to use my credit card. Believe me I wish I could order my seeds from IGM!


@AAA I know it isn’t my first order


Bitcoins are anonymous to purchase and use. I buy the correct amount of bitcoins for my ILGM order, pay with those purchased bitcoins, and get my order in about 5 days. Super simple and non traceable. All my bank statement shows is a bitcoin purchase. Crypto currency is a popular investment so it Less assuming than an overseas purchase…



My first order was CC as well. After that I started picking the cash method, then sent them an email requesting to pay with a different method. They will get back to you with instructions…

At first I was irritated, but now it’s actually easier.

Good luck.


Yeah I used my CC my first order also and it won’t go through this time!!


Depending on where you live it’s best to chose anonymous.

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Had issue with CC for first time, not ILGM issue.
Used PP for most recent purchase and it went a smooth as silk.


I had the same problem at first they found a way to accommodate and I got mine in like 5 days, they are growing beautifully, I’ve ordered from other sites and they take weeks not to mention they don’t have a support site like this one and the genetics :dna: are strong. I would recommend a little patience and contact them. It will pay off


It seems banks are blocking payments for cannabis products even though its legal in the countries that customers are in. WTF ???
Had same problem myself on 2nd order.
Bitcoin is certainly the way to go as its quite easy. Setting up an account to buy BTC from a vendor with your CC can be tedious with all the verification steps needed but once you have it setup you can buy, send & receive BTC easily. :money_mouth_face:


Cash only
I’m satisfied so far.
Just have to use snail mail.


Cash 3 orderes completed no problems