Tried Another Method - Have A Few Questions

Plants: Blueberry and Silver Haze
Dirt: Stay Gro Gold
HPS 600 /CFL 250 / CFL bulbs 125 (6)

We’re moving soon, and wanted to get in one more grow, so I decided to try out vegging two plants for 4 weeks then switching right into flowering. I put the plants in black, 5gal grow bags, and set them in the tub of our back bathroom. I figured it’d make life easier after scrogging, and when it came time to flush,

Anyway, it’s the 7th week of flowering, and for the most part, everything looks nice and compact. But, I’m now seeing the yellow “tip” on a few leaves, and I’m wondering if it nutes (Using the Foxfarm Trio and Bloomz), or could it be that my darling husband thought it a good idea to fill the bottom of the tub with water, to soak the bottom of the bags? He wanted to give me a break from my constant care in filling gals of water and prepping it. Now he did this about 2 weeks ago, but I didn’t think about the potential of not so great water at the bottom of the bags. I guess I hoped that maybe my original watering regimen would have partially flushed the bad water out, and I did wait for it to dry out. sorta. I was thinking about either buying Cal-mag or doing a serious flush.

Has anyone here ever do a harvest after 4 weeks? Any info, suggestions? What was your yield?

a picture would really help with this. often yellowing occurs naturally as a plant uses up stored energy to produce buds…but a pic would be nice so we can see exactly what type of leaf yellowing we are dealing with.

Yeah, I know. I was about to go and take some photos when I got distracted. By the time I got there, the lights had gone out. I’ll post some tomorrow.


Your plants are in there final phase. And yellowing leaves are common No worries!!



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I’m thinking you’re right, garrigan62. The info says 65 days, which isn’t until the 2nd week of December, but I’m thinking it’s right on track. The yellow tips are that big of deal and it’s only on a few leaves, so I’m going to flush everything this weekend, and spend the next four weeks promoting more frost on the buds.
I’m still trying to load photos, but my phone is going on the fritz.

I’ll try and get it loaded tomorrow,:slight_smile:

Be looking forward to you pic’s


So how did the harvest go @tlibaomx1

Hey Nug!

The harvest was awesome! I flushed them shortly after I posted, and then allowed them to use up its remaining nutrients as usual. They did a 7night dark cycle, and I cut them down right after.
We tasted a few and the ash was light grey and smooooth.
Still, we’re in the third week of curing, and I may do an extra two, because yesterday I got the most explosive fruity smell since the first week - I love it. I wanted to get photos out, but my phone isn’t taking clear photos, and I still don’t want to buy another phone.

That being said, I immediately started a second crop with two of my SSH and my last two BG. Everything looked great, the plants were about 14inches tall, and we went away for a week’s vacation. Came back, and damned if one of the BG’s had nodes, and there was white powder on some of my leaves (And it wasn’t mildew or anything like that, either).
I immediately separated the two plants and prayed it didn’t affect my SSH (Too late). I tried to figure out a way to justify keeping them, but couldn’t, and since i couldn’t send photos to show what was happening, I couldn’t get replacements - lesson learned.

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Wish I could’ve, but my phone won’t take clear photos,…grrr

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Update: Someone from GYO read my post, contacted me and asked for my address to send me a replacement for the seeds that screwed up my crop. I told them I didn’t have any photos to prove what happened, but they told me to not worry about it, because I was a regular customer and known in certain forums (No, not here.). I did check w/the forum moderator who said it was okay, and that they do that often.

Anyway, in light of all that, this is my last post, as I’m moving on. I’m sure I’ll see some of you around.

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