Tricromes vs. red hair

Trying to decide if my 10 week old (today exactly) plants are ready to harvest. I’m seeing mostly cloudy trichomes, but I still have a lot of white hairs that haven’t changed. Not sure which to trust more…

I tend to prefer more upbeat and energetic buds, so I don’t want to wait too long. Here’s a couple of pics. Opinions? Are they ready? Bruce Banner autos, btw…


I never begin looking at trichomes until the pistils have receded. The exception might be if the pistils are from foxtailing.


Exactly. If pistils are white it’s still bulking up.


Yep, what they said also, when getting a guestimate of finish time, go by weeks of actual flower, not weeks since germ. Most, including myself start out thinking their autoflower will be ready approximately the time the breeder/supplier listed but that’s just flower time not counting veg and it’s a guestimate. :v::green_heart:


Ahh… That makes sense. Thanks for that clarification.

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For your reference


I know you are very knowledgeable so do these look like swollen calyx ?

I’m maybe 3 weeks into flower …I don’t see any signs of hermie just curious if they are swollen calyx is this normal ? The strain is 90’s Dutch but I’m sure thats just what the dispo calls it .,.i have seen other strains at the same dispo called white widow same lineage …so confusing lol anyway this is my bud sites

Thanks for any help


Yes those are swollen calyx’s


@plumbdand Thank you…seriously !!!

@Lacewing yes you’re doing good those are indeed female parts. Sorry for taking so long to reply

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@grizZz haha…no worries thanks for responding…I was getting a little worried about the size of them so early into flowering.
I think I’m about to hit week 3…maybe it’s a sign of nice buds …? Lol …wishful thinking? Haha…not expecting to be blown away I think the strain has lighter more airy buds.

I also have to be honest since this is really the first grow …if I had to harvest RIGHT NOW I’d be happy lol…if for some reason I failed I’d also be happy because I never expected to make it this far with one plant let alone 2

Definitely have been bitten by the grow bug

Thanks for your help!!

I think you’re doing great especially for your first grow…if you’re already making plans for your next grow (and I know ya are :grin:) then you’re always gonna be successful in one way or another…it just seems like you’re good at whatever ya put your mind to and to know about bugs is a step ahead for sure. I’ve learned from you too! Don’t hesitate to tag me we can grow together :sunglasses::facepunch:t2:

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