Tricone milky or clear ready to pick or not

ok lets say i have a bud about 6 inches long and the size of a beer can but i have noticed the tricones on top of the bud is milky but towards the middle and bottom are still clear , question is do i let them go longer till middle and bottom of bud gets milky ?or are they ready ?

You let them go longer. The parts closest to the light mature faster.

I prefer a hint of amber, some people like the effects of mostly amber.

Always check the flower, not the sugar leaf, for trichome development.

go a little longer…but watch closely for what you seek. also, check daily for mold/bud rot in thick colas

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I love top thc and energetic.

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depends on the buzz your looking for. Clouldy with a hint of amber is what most want. More amber the more couch lock. Good luck on your grow fellow grower. Pics would be cool!