Tricomes when to check?

Is there a time of day or light cycle that’s best to check for cloudy or amber color tricomes. Have an 65-70 day auto that ats day 90 and tricomes still clear…


Hey there @Ky2high

I’m a newbie around here but this is what I know.

You cannot check trichome ripeness under LED or colored lighting. Natural lighting or white lighting is best.
When your pistils turn red/brown and get curly and draw back closer to the bud, your trich’s are nearing completion. Your pistils, from what I can tell look done/ripe.

You should have a jewlers loop or other magnification method to really see the trichs well and judge their doneness. It is difficult, in my opinion, to initially tell clear from cloudy and one thing I learned the hard way, check trichs on several buds/branches. I made this mistake of looking at older sugar leaves instead of at the heart of the bud (and I harvested too early).


If i was you I will start checking her every day to see how she’s progressing but if you only see clear trichomes you can check her after 3 days… Patience is the key trust me, you don’t want to harvest to soon.
This are some charts, maybe will help you. Good luck :crossed_fingers: Artboard 1trichomes smaller

Also this is a good read :wink:


I have a loop and scope and I see clear mostly I’ve found 2 or 3 Amber ones but I had to search iam gunna go with a mix of clear and cloudy as of today and started the flush process …I seem to think i see them differently weather I check while lights have been on for a while vs dark…anyone know if there is a difference or do i spend way to much time on my belly admiring buds and looking at trichs…??? Thanks everyone for this is my 1st harvest.


Just relax and enjoy the final part of this ride :joy: she is healthy (some nutrient burn here and there but she’s fine).

Seems you have a plan and that is great, just be sure before the :scissors:


Regardless, she’s close! @bob31 did you have an issue with clear trichomes on one of your plants?

Yes they seem to only be clear very few cloudy and none amber…and it’s 3 weeks late…lol

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@garrigan62, any thoughts on a plant refusing to finish? Clear trichomes.


It is a woman after all.



This is all about ( Two ) things here.

1.) How the plant’s environment was durning it’s life cycle

  1. ) Generic

I their all cloudy and you say that you did find some amber here and there then ya go ahead and chop them down. Believe it or not while hanging upside down they will continue to ripen.
Sorry I was so long, but my brother is very ill and I had to be there.
Please let me know what you decided to do and let me know how they turn out,



Thanks, Will. Very sorry to hear about your brother.

@Ky2high hopefully this helps you.

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Thx Will,
Sorry to hear about family and hope things pick up for you all over the holidays…
I figure it’s Christmas and what a good time it is for harvest so here goes the chop…thanks to everyone for there help and to everyone…MERRY CHRISTMAS…



Thank you for the kind words…means a lot.
What a Christmas present you got there my friend. Injoy



Good job