Tricomes alittle cloudy how much longer

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ffof mars hydro ts1000 been using just water thinking maybe another week just want these to fatten up alittle more but don’t want them to go to long any advice

Yeah she’s still pushing lots of white pistols so she is still building, but keep an eye on tricomes. Good luck man

Thanks I’ve been looking at them every day lol the top bud may have to come off how long does it normally take for the tricomes to turn from milky to amber im not sure of the strand but it is an auto

Make sure when you check trichomes to look at bud material and not the tiny sugar leaves protruding from the bud. Those leaves will get amber way sooner than the bud.
So watch the tiny leaves as well just so you can see the difference between clear cloudy and amber but dont go off them for when to harvest.

I hope this helps

And be patient !!


That does help i was focusing more on the leaves and had one starting to turn amber but still had white pistols at the top

6 to 9 weeks to go still…

Really damn i thought like maybe 2

finally finished up thanks everyone for the help

@mudsnw Nice looking bud! Can you show a size reference for the bud? Seems like it took 3 more weeks since you last posted. Is that about right? If so, gives me some good info on mine, which I prematurely thought were almost to the end. However, it takes time for the buds to fully finish and the trichomes to show some amber!

Good luck with the final steps!

I didn’t wait till they turned amber i had like one tri turn amber on the bud and almost all of them were completely cloudy i took them down about a week ago now

I will say they took forever to finish they started to fox tail towards the end