Tricome colors question

Ok, so just wondering when most of u harvest. Do u take them milly or amber in color. If both, how much amber do u look for before harvesting?

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Its a personal choice really
Clear to early
All milky thc is at it peak
Amber thc is breaking down and turning into cbd and equals couch lock more amber more couch lock
With that said I perfer about 15-20% amber when i harvest again its a personal choice tho
I will also take some sown when all milky no amber for a good day time smoke


Thanks for your input, my husband and I have different views on this point… :face_with_raised_eyebrow: that was very helpfull… meaning I’m right. Lol.

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I prefer to harvest at the first sign of amber trichomes. I like the energetic high while golfing :golfing_man: