Tricolms turning brown already?

Could you take a look at this And tell me good or bad on the flowers? Why are the tricolms turning brown already? Is this healthy?image.jpeg2448x3264 1.04 MB

Those are not the trichomes. The trichomes are the “crystals”, not the “hairs”, the hairs are called pistils. The hairs/pitils become brown, or redish brown, The trichomes beocme golden or amber inside.

The pistils or hairs just turn brown all over.

Numerous things can cause the pistils to brown early. You need to help us out for us to have any idea what might be the cause.


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OK I get it now for the most part I guess it’s doing pretty OK but I just checked the soil’s pH which is 7 to 7.3
Wait 2 to 3 of flowering I haven’t really much time to wait to lower my pH
Any ideas on a quick solution? I’m growing in organic miracle grow which was a perfect 6.5 when I first used it now it’s mostly alkaline do you think you get to help me a little bit on that…thank you in advance

What? I thought I already went over this with you. What is the pH of the water you are giving it? If it has too many alkali minerals, they will build up in the soil and raise the pH in your soil. You should probably be using R/O or distilled water, or otherwise nearly zero ec/ppm/tds water to avoid this problem.

I already told you how you can adjust your pH in your soil in your previous post/thread here:


Mostly clear trichomes:

Some amber or colored trichomes:

A lot of amber or colored trichomes, probably about 50/50 here:




Only two leaves left…can it still produce without them?

I feel like eating it lol