Tricks to hurry up flowering/ bring on the tris

I have read all kinds of tricks to push trichome production /finish off a plant and get her to harvest faster. I have not done any of these tricks but as I have a plant that is coming up on harvest time, I want to know. Does it work? So, hopefully I can start this topic and get some good advice, stories, and pictures of what u guys and gals are doing. Ice baths? Splitting stocks? stock spiking? More time in the dark? Flushing? Thanks in advance everyone

None of those hasten the ripening process, but they are good ways to finish a grow. Flushing is a must, one way or another, to ensure clean tasting and burning buds.

The other things will stress the plant out a bit to produce more trichs near the end. By splitting the stalk and using ice baths, you make your plant protect itself from damage/cold by throwing out more resin glands. The dark period before harvest works as a stressor; harvesting before lights on works as a flush supplement, in a way.

Allowing your medium to dry out as much as possible before harvest is also a too one to add. After your final ice watering, don’t water for several days before harvest. I usually go for 5-7 days between last watering and harvest.


@blackthumbbetty Thanks for sharing your knowledge


Alfalfa tea speeds up the budding and flowering. @ThcinKC can confirm this. It also helps with trichomes. I’ve also found that trich production really increases with cooler temps.


@Familyman friggen aye right buddy! corn and alfalfa seed sprouted tea is usually veg you would want mung beans and corn seeds for flower.

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No you want alfalfa tea it works through out the whole grow but really shows big growth in flower if you buy bottle nutrients called snow juice or something like that it’s all alfalfa tea and same with alot of finish products


Also the increase of the red spectrum will help alot to

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Just get some pellets, soak over night, stir and then strain.