Trichrome sample selection

Hello again,

I was wondering how you determine which part of the plant do you take off to analyze the trichromes? I pulled a small bud off to look at it under the scope. The trichromes were all clear but I wonder if I’m getting a result that is truly representative of the main colas. Any advice would be helpful. Thanks much!!!


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@SteveG I actually view multiple spots on my plants to get a over all judgment and assessment
Low buds will finish up later then the top buds so looking at a few different spots is always best to judge overall tricombes readiness
I actually use a cheap jewelers loop with 30x mag to get a general idea what they look like then when i get close i will take a look with my 100x pocket scope
How about posting a picture or two so we can See what your working with ?
Hope this helps
Happy growing


Thank you! It makes sense as I see much larger % of white on my lower buds. I’m using 60X loupe to look. I’m going to pick up a scope tomorrow to get a better look. I’ll post the pics then. Thanks again for your help!

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Hey there, I just dropped in on the topic, I took a shot from a small leaf shooting out of the top bud, this is what I found, seem to be a mixture of clear milky & some a little colour

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2 more from other plants