Trichrome reading

Can anyone advise on the appearance of the trichomes pictured, I feel one maybe near


I’m no expert but I’m waiting one more week on mine . It depends on what kind of effect you are looking for . The more amber the more body effect - couch lock .fullsizeoutput_2affullsizeoutput_2b1.


Looks ready to me

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This looks ready for harvest unless you want a heavy couch lock effect.

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I wouldn’t wait another week on this one. She’s almost beyond a good harvest. I see a lot of amber. I’d harvest now.


Thanks @raustin . Another week on mind is only a guess . It’s just one plant . I plan on checking them every day when they get this close to finishing and will check this afternoon before lights out . @Medicalgrower yours are looking almost all milky white with very few clear which would give you a more uplifting , energetic high . I am looking for a more couch lock type high to help with anxiety and sleeping .


Thanks for the feedback, Im a bit confused, I was led to believe that the milky stage was when you get the higher THC concentrate, as they turn amber they gain a higher CBD, less THC.
Im looking for the CBD for the medicinal oil.

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I would have no input on the CBD ? Medicalgrower but your next grow I would suggest ordering seeds that have been bred to produce high CBD and low THC output.


I’ve read high CBD plants should be really ripe before harvesting in order to get the maximum medical effect. Since the thc should be minimal the high should be pretty close to non existent, so lots of amber shouldnt really be important regarding a high. Please tag me into your grow, I also have a cbd plant (Dynafem or something😉) that’s just about at the same stage yours is…maybe 20% amber or so. I plan on splitting the stem Wednesday, putting her 48 hours in the dark on Saturday, and then harvest on Monday. I’m curious to see what answers you get. How do you plan on extracting the cbd oil?

Almost there, i like a little more amber to show. For me it kinda mellows it out. About half amber is what i shoot for

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I like to have a variety so I take some around 10% Amber all the way up to 50%, Amber for my night time smoke.

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Sorry, @Medicalgrower, I didn’t mean to confuse you. I honestly don’t know much about medical grows, so you’re probably right about the CBD needing more amber.

Yes I agree, the strain I have is THC weighted .
I have 9 plants, 4 average & 5 pretty good quality, its a bit late in the season in Australia even though I grow inside, they get some sun most days.
Anyway, I flushed them & will harvest next Tuesday.
When you say split the stalk/stem, what is the purpose of this?
Its probably more THC oil but I use pure alcohol & a grape press, then a rice cooker to evaporate

Splitting the stem “hurts” the plant and in order to heal itself it produces more trichomes. There’s some good explanations of it here if you do a search. I think I’m going to use the coconut oil/slow cooker extraction method, I’m kinda nervous about using alcohol especially as I might end up drinking it😉

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Here’s some info for you. Good luck!

All good, thats whats this is all about, learning

#diehigh55 Ill look into that, thanks.
I might doo half with your method & the other the way I did it last.
As for the alcohol method, not to worry, the product evaporates completely after the rice cooker, dont do it on the booze:flushed:

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@raustin Should have used @ not# still learning

Today I will divide the stem


I hope it’ll go well