Trichrome Question / Naked Eye

Hey folks,

I am bumbling my way though the first grow so please excuse my inexperience. Most of you, are so good / experienced its kind of intimidating to even post :slight_smile:

Question: Is it possible to see trichromes with out magnification ?

Reason i ask is because i have four plants (jack herer auto) which are at day 65 since sprout and i cannot see any…

Is it possible that i missed it ?

I just ordered a magnifying glass the other day, but have not gotten it yet, plus i am color impaired, (hate the term colorblind) so it could be that too …

If anyone is interested take a look: and don’t laugh!!

Its funny how four children all raised in the same house can come out so differently, LOL…

I can write a book about first grow mistakes :peace_symbol:

thanks, tom


Hi Tom,

I will ask the same of you. Not exactly my first grow but just finishing up my 1st “cycle” of 5 plants stair-stepped.
You can get a pretty good idea without magnifier to see the trichs. I understand your difficulty but your plants will let you know when it’s time in other ways. That 1st picture is looking close by the fan leaves dying off and the white hairs are darkening and showing less new white ones. That is a good indicator when the buds are dark and sticky.
The rest of the pictures look like a lot more white hairs and less cannibalizing of fan leaves.
In your closest pic I can see some nice trichs. It looks like sugar crystals. They are mostly on the actual bud material and not so much on the leaves. That’s not a bad thing.


Pic one looks like it’s getting close but the others have weeks to go… maybe 3 or 4 but hard to tell… Wait until you get your magnifying glass… you have time.


Yes it is.

Yes it is, but you haven’t.

Me too. As a matter of fact, I successfully memorized the Ishihara colorblind test book for a job I held for a couple of years.

I don’t have a jewelers loupe and I count on my eyes to read what my plants are telling me.

Your plants will tell you also.

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If your eyes are good enough to see the tricoms like this then it ok, if not buy a loop.

I picked up some of these and are a tremendous help. Still failing colorblind tests though :thinking:. But I can see colors and tell them apart now.


I would have to be the Six million Dollar Man (dating myself) to be able to see those… :slight_smile:

Many Many thanks to all of you for the help… Have the loop and magnifying glass on order …

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Hey Bobby, I tried those a few years ago, My wifes “big” Christmas present one year, it was difficult because everyone wife / kids thought it would be dramatic, but it really did not do anything for me… so sent them back… :frowning:

did not know the test book you were referring to so i looked it up, they had some online test, so i took it… 0/18… hope i do better with the plants…


Severe color vision deficiency
Test result: 0 % (0/18)

I had ones before these but they were too dark to be worn inside. And they only covered deutans. These new ones cover deutans and protans. And I can even where them at night. Big improvement over the older version. Took a while to relearn colors though.

The ones i tried were definitely the old version, I will check them out, thanks for the tip… :+1: