Trichrome pictures

I’m curious on trichrome pics from the harvest. I’m on my first grow, and I know it’s getting close. But I also know that all plants are different. Depending on environment, nutes, etc. So what I’m asking is for everyone to post their trichrome pics just before harvest.

I’m sure this will help out all us novices to determine when we should chop our girls down.

Seeing different plants, (please specify strain), we should have a good idea, thanks for all your help.

You can post your buds right at harvest, but also include trichrome pics since this is what truly determines our harvest times


When people harvest is subject to their taste (speedy high vs. couch lock high, or somewhere in between.)

This is cloudy with a bit of amber.

This is too clear for my taste.

In general:


Yeah, I understand that, but like you did, explain what “You” are looking for will help also determine what “we” should be looking for.

I’ve seen that chart but that chart doest show different strains. It’s good to see other strains for research

Trichome maturity is independent of strain.

I like some amber because I prefer a more “stoned” (amber) experience. What you want may be different.

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  1. Don’t look at sugar leaves - look at the sacs on the swollen pistils and on the bud structure itself.
  2. The sacs start clear - completely transparent - you can look right through them.
  3. When they turn - it first turns merky - like a cloud - not a dark color - but you can’t look right through them.
  4. As so0on as you can’t look right through them - they are turning amber - more “duh” high and if you dont harvest - THC can start to grade soon after.

And get one of these :slight_smile: download

Yeah I have one of those and a digital one. Both work good, the jewelers loupe is for a fast check, the digital one takes a little bit of set up time

Some recent pics

Those appear to be as clear as can be - you can see right through those thc sacs - but pictures can be deceiving based on lighting … If you are 2 months or more into flowering - I’d watch the sacs daily for them turning milky / white like a cloud in a blue sky. I am currently in the same boat as you - monitoring daily for few of the to turn a more brown tint while I dry them out with minimal watering and with water only.

This one is about a week away - I think :innocent:

I also have been trained to look for the pistils red, swollen, and starting to retract into the bud


The day they were cut.
The bud - Northern Lights

Its trichomes

Same bud different calyx


You look like you had a lot of clear trichromes, how was the high? Or are they still curing @beardless

Nice mix - 15-20

I can’t answer that. I don’t partake. I grow for my wife. When I ask the question it is always the same. Very Nice can you roll another one
15 - 20% amber more than enough.


Hi FixerPower…how much longer do you think from this picture till harvest? It’s covered in trichomes but I think they are still mostly clear. I’ll try to get a closer pic of the trichomes. It’s not a very good closeup but the best I can do at the moment. Thank you!

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It’s hard to tell without a close up of the trichromes

Should be able to view the trichomes at this magnification to determine.

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this is the best I can do with my phone. Are these any better?

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Still a bit hard to tell, how are you’re hairs, a rough way to know if they are ready is having 70-90% of the hairs amber.

They do look great, though, what strain?

This strain is Honey Boo Boo. I also have 2 Afwrecks growing and one GMO cookies. Here is a picture showing the pistils better. What do you think?

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To meek, maybe a week more, but I’m no expert yet, I suggest purchasing one of these, cheap and you can see the trichromes easily

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