Trichrome confusion

I’m at a it 6 1/2 weeks of flowering and I’m in the home stretch. I’m having trouble determining the clear vs cloudy thing. I “think” they’re turning but so hard to tell accurately. I’ve included some pics in case anyone sees something I don’t

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Dun wurry bout the pistils or the leaves. ONLY the trichomes on the buds are important.

Everything looks good, with plenty of time to go.


looking good…in 1-2 weeks you get nice milky trichomes and you can harvest. if you want nice stoner effect, wait for amber trichomes. good luck


Great pics! This is really helpful. I’m shooting for that energetic high so milky with a touch of amber it is! Thanks

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One more question if you know, how long do they tend to stay in each phase? I don’t want to miss out if they turn quickly. I’m planning on checking them about every third day now that I’m almost in week seven

Don’t forget to plan your flush 2 weeks prior to harvest.

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2 weeks? or last weeek? i flush 7 days before harvest
@Skyblue idk i just look every day but i can’t tell you how long u need. if u see all milky stuff at week 8, you are good to harvest. some plants needs little bit longer, some outdoor plants needs only 6 weeks
that’s the tricky part…but at the end…you decide how long you need.

With your flush it’s gonna be one or two weeks depending on your soil. If you are using a coco core then a week prior is good because of how quickly you can flush that soil. Regular soil give it two weeks prior just make sure you do it regardless like the others have mentioned. Other than that take them when they are where you like your high, looking good though :+1:

Times will very for different reasons, strain, stress, genetics etc…just watch your plants they will tell you. As far as how often to check em. I am in my garden every day. You should be anyway if possible. It helps keep a heads up on any problems so you can take care of it.

I think my biggest concern is being able to really tell milky from clear. When I put a light on them to get a good look I’m never sure if I’m seeing mild or the reflection from the light. I’m at 7 weeks and two days today so I’m going to do another close up and see if I can clearly tell this time