Trichrome Check

These are at about 10 weeks. Just wanted a second set of eyes on trichs, I feel like I pulled my first grow too early without enough ambers and don’t want to repeat that. Gelato 1 seems to be further ahead and is actually a week or so younger than gelato 2.

Gelato 1


Gelato 2



r u looking at leaves with your scope or the buds?


Trying to get to the buds through the sugar leaves but the scope I have is a bit tedious.

For context here is Gelato 1 plant/bud

And Gelato 2 plant/bud

Id say you have another 2 to 3 weeks to go my friend, especially on the second one


10-4. Hoping they hurry up but not gonna rush them. There is a cheese in the same 4X4 with them that wants the tent to herself.

They were last fed dry amendments (2-8-4) 17 days ago. Thinking I might need to hit them with a bit more 2-8-4, castings, and a fish shit chaser if they’re gonna need up to 3 more weeks.

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Yeah thatd be a good idea , i wouldnt even check the tris until all pistils turn brown . Little longer and youll be happy you gave them the time they need


Still white pistil i said couple weeks
Let get more densed

Happy growing :metal::green_heart::christmas_tree:


Looking good so far tho except for the browning on the leaves on the 2nd one . Would keep an eye on that dont let it get too much worse


Look like calmag def so far :thinking:

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I had just assumed it was in fade. Should have plenty of food, air flow, light, good ph.

@HobbyDobby do you used calmag?
On you feed schedule

I only feed with gaia green 4-4-4 and 2-8-4, castings, and add some bio with fish shit. She was super green and healthy most of her life, maybe she ran the pot out of calcium.

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Yes look like calmag def
@OGIncognito @MrPeat @merlin44 @dbrn32 they had more eyes that me :see_no_evil::joy:

I should recommended buy


5ml for gl of water
Went you get the calmag flush you plant then used ph water and 5ml of calmag :green_heart::christmas_tree:

If its Cal-mag, its on the extreme side. So its been like this for sometime. I am not so sure its Cal-mag but a good chance.

I have never needed Cal-mag and I will be my 4th year growing in May. The time I did use it, the two plants went down faster than a $2 hooker. It was so bad, I tossed them as they could not recover.

They started to “what I thought was fade” getting into the start of week 10 which would have been around 4/1.

Here is a good representation of a severe Cal-mag deficiency. As you can see your’s kinda does look like it. Like I said its on the extreme side aka well advanced.

All those leaves will not recover so watch for new growth and see how it handles adding Cal-mag water.


All of the fan leaves underneath the ones taking the brunt of the light are in good shape. Waiting for the pot to dry out tomorrow and I’ll give her some grub and bio to break it down asap. Can’t really flush organic slow release so gonna give a couple table spoons of 4-4-4 and 2-8-4, some castings, and fish shit.

Will give a bit less to the other that’s not really showing the deficiency.

Just watch the new growth as all those damaged leaves will not recover.

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Agree with @MrPeat on the deficiency, if you have roughly 2 weeks left I would ride it out and water feed only the last weeks. Hard to tell with the Trichome pics :love_you_gesture: