Trichomes vs. Seeds and Hermies

Hi All,

I started a grow with 6 autoflowers this year from the autoflower pack- 2 each of Northern Lights, Amnesia Haze and Blueberry. I decided to harvest two of the plants (one Blueberry; one Northern Lights) about 94 days from germination; they could have gone longer for trichome color, but I like the speedier high they impart. I am about two weeks out on two plants and the other two either stayed in veg due to growing trauma (I have a couple of theories) or reverted to veg stage and will need longer time. I am willing to wait for trichomes to be mostly cloudy/ a touch of amber, but my concerns are two:

  1. I have heard/read that on autoflowers that trichomes don’t get to the amber stage as readily as they do with photo-period plants; should they still be THE way to decide when to harvest autoflowers?

  2. I have had the experience on my last (photo-period) grow of waiting for the right trichomes to appear…only to have two plants go hermie on me as they go through the last-ditch attempt to self-propagate. (I’m assuming that;s what happened as I got the very beginnings of seeds…little while specks…in the buds) Any tips/insights on when to abandon the quest for trichomes at the end of the grow to avoid the plant going to seed?
    Thanks and I appreciate the insight and expertise as always!

Stable genetics is a huge factor. Even then, sometimes things go foul. Give them the best environment and hope for the best.
I didn’t have any issues waiting for trichome colors to change on the auto I grew.

The hermie thing is a genetic trait, if it doesnt present that trait by mid flower, odds are it wont happen unless some kinda bizarre stress causes it. I would just hold steady on the course and wait. You will also gain some bud mass at the same time.

Thanks for the info (to you both and to anyone else replying)…I was confused about the timing as to when hermies spring and was hoping I didn’t have to worry about it; and I don’t think I do so will stay the course as advised!