Trichomes under Microscope

This is not so much a support request as it is a revelation. I snipped a corner of a sugar leaf on my ILGM Sour Diesel Auto tonight (10 weeks, bubblepontics in 10-11 gal water, indoor under SPider Farms 1000) to check the trichomes. She is not quite ready yet, as all the trichomes are clear - although, she is sticky as hell and a third of the pistils are yellow / brown. Under the scope, I accidentally flipped the leaf over. Who knew the underside has trichomes as well? Not as many as the light side, but a good bit.


Just keep in mind and I think others would agree. The sugar leaves will show ready before the actual bud. You should be checking buds not going by leaves…:grin::v:


I agree with Bow4buck, those sugar leaves will fool everyone at least once. I like to find the lowest branch buds and take a little piece and check that larf buds are great for this.