Trichomes stuck?

So I feel like these Trichome haven’t changed in over a week and it should’ve been harvested 2 weeks ago according to the info on these “Purple Haze” photos I purchased from ILGM. There’s barely any leaves left, basically no fan leaves. So is it possible that it won’t get past this stage?
Only the front half are the 2 plants in question.

patience ‘grasshopper’…


Short answer, yes. My White Widow was the same way.
They are changing slowly and the best way to speed it up would be to cut back on light hours. Looks like that is not really an option for you but since it appears your girl is in the chop zone, have at it. :axe:


Thanks, just scared cause I got impatient and wasted 2 outta 3 plants last time way toooo early. There are some better ones but also some worse right now so I’ll give it at least 4-5 more days. The girls in the back are coming along the mountain fine and will be ready at that time!

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Your trich pics look mostly cloudy with several amber so definitely ready.

Are you gonna try and trim all at once or just don’t have anywhere else to hang and dry? Might have to invite some friends for a trim party. :tada: :scissors:(That’s a pretty good “problem” to have)

Yup come on over, the more the merrier :smile:
Im still trigger shy after last time plus I wanna make sure I get a bit more couch lock this time!
Plus I have to do a bud wash fo sho! I had a messy spider mite war for about 4 weeks but eradication has been successful so far. which now thinking makes want to pull them earlier than later :wink:


I too have done battle with the Borg.


When your tent gets empty, clean it thoroughly and spray it with something to kill any remaining mites or eggs. They are notorious for “popping back up”.
Oh, and get rid of that used soil. Not worth the chance they are hiding there.

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I grew purple haze last year. I cut them on day 84 from flip.

Still had a few clear, but not many

compared to cloudy and amber

I just like this one


Oh yeah I hear that. I just started 3 seedlings in a small tent next to it and have already started that battle again 3 weeks into grow :worried:

@beardless Wow that microscope is sharp! Can you please tell me which model it is?

It is a Plugable USB2 digital microscope.

The camera / microscope itself if great and the software works with my laptop. The Flex stand that comes with the scope sucks at high magnification. Even on a table it vibrates too much. I junked it and bought a solid alum. stand

I like to take shots while on the plant. No way can it be done as a handheld. My solution was a camera tripod

Others use microphone stands

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Cheers for the reply with all the photos also. Dang it shipping to my country is ridiculous though, 100 USD, more expensive than the item itself :frowning: Thanks for your prompt and informative reply though, your pics are much better than the battery powered one I bought.

Agreed about the tripod or mic stand! So difficult to get a clear pic by hand!

I don’t know if there is a lot difference between one digital scope and another.
I would tape my scope to pipe if is the only way I could keep it steady.
Good luck in your search

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I don’t know if it’s the scope or not, but your pics look way clearer than the ones I get, I definitely will be using a stand for the scope next grow. Thanks again @beardless

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from this morning

drill in a little


So would you harvest that?
Since you showed me your I’ll show you mine :wink:
From 10 minutes ago

Those are the least advanced trichs so I’m thinking it’s harvest time?


It is close. I’ll give it while longer because I know the lower buds are not as advanced. Try to get a little better balance. I’ll check again in a couple. I’ll check a couple different buds then see if it is water only.
You are close too. Can you see any difference between the sugar leaves and buds.

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Yeah the leaves are about 50/50 amber/milky.
Do you think plucking leaves off that are almost dead slows down the process? I swear some days I see more amber than others and I’m usually looking n the same buds.