Trichomes shots with my new microscope


Finally seeing some amber too. I stopped watering to hopefully help it along. Still has tons of green leaves. Im on about 64th day of flowering.



Love those trichomes, some clear ones to but a lot of amber, so looking juicy


Happy Wednesday @daz49… Hope you had a good day brother


Hello my friend, I’m actually having a rough time with my copd, in lots of pain and coughing and coughing but I chopped a bit of my ssh today for drying and repotted my seedlings ,so I’m cheering myself up, how about yourself my friend


I’m doing well @daz49, sorry to hear your not feeling well… Take it easy and rest a bit my friend.


Thanks my friend, it’s all par of the course I’m afraid, that’s why I’m getting more into the growing, glad you’re doing well


Very Kool! Great price. Gotta have one!


They do take amazing shots


Hash pics!

25 to 73 microns

73 to 120

120 to 220



Still waiting on my 1000xmagnification camera to arrive


While I’m waiting for my new camera here’s some shots I thought you’d like



The new super silver haze trichomes

@Niala @smoknGranny @HighDesertFarmer


The new Goldleaf trichomes

@Niala @smoknGranny @HighDesertFarmer @Zombo


@daz49 looking great! You should take a pic at a side angle so we can see trichs profile :slight_smile:


The new white widow trichomes

@Niala @SmoknGranny omSack @Myfriendis410 @HighDesertFarmer @Zombo @s


Woohoo @daz49 love the pictures bro


The new strawberry kush trichomes

@Niala @DoomSack @Myfriendis410 @Zombo @SmoknGranny


Looking good :+1:. I’m sure you will enjoy your harvest. Hope you have a good day :hugs:


Got mine today, it’s finally arrived, it took about a month to get here, didn’t come with any booklet or anything just all the bits and the disc so all I need to do is load it into my laptop and then go get some leaves and try it out, is it easy to use

@HighDesertFarmer and @M4ur you both have one of these don’t you? So I should be good for tips on how to get the best shots, @Countryboyjvd1971 I know it’s your birthday so many birthday wishes bro but I got a present and it’s not even my birthday