Trichomes shots with my new microscope


Nice pics bro @daz49


Thanks bro, I try


Wohoooo I found 1k zoom on machine.


Was some sand in zoom dial…lol


Goldleaf trichomes just taken

@HighDesertFarmer @bob31 @Smokin_ernie @kabongster @AnneBonny


Here are the white widow



Here are the strawberry kush



And here are the super silver haze

@HighDesertFarmer @Niala @Zombo @BIGE


nice trichs @daz49 i’m growing some super silver haze also…lol
i’m ready to try some!


Thanks my friend, the strawberry and the white widow are easily about 2 weeks behind the others in developing, I put all of them on 12/12 at the same time, I got the strawberry from the fruity mix pack,but the gold leaf and super silver haze were about a month older ,I just couldn’t wait any longer for them to catch up


strawberry kush is on my next order for sure!


I’ll let you know as they go my friend, @Tylan check out these trichomes shots from the beginning and you should see a lot of nice interesting stuff


New toys are so much fun. Keep taking those nice pics for us.


Yes they are, and you betcha buddy ,I love taking these pictures so yeah there’s plenty more to come, even with the eye glass the camera opens up a whole new world, and I still want everyone else to feel free to add their own pictures


If you think of it, tag me in next time you post.


Yeah no worries @Tr33 brother ,i love trichomes shots and talking everyone in to getting the camera and posting the pictures


New strawberry kush pictures

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I just discovered by accident that I have a magnifier on my phone :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. The bad news is that it doesn’t work with the camera :rage:. But I’m hoping that I can at least get a better view of those dang trichomes tomorrow :blush:
So I’m seeing clear going to cloudy on yours??? I hate these blasted cataracts!


New Goldleaf trichomes


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@HighDesertFarmer @Tr33


You are spot on @SmoknGranny mostly milky with a few amber, they still have 2 to 4 weeks


I went back and looked again and finally found the amber :blush:. I didn’t look closely enough the first time.