Trichomes shots with my new microscope


I buy this directly from china for 15$.
I find this on Amazon(or do a search for “magnifier 50x 500x”)


Great I’ve found it, thanks a lot I’ll tell you if I get one,

Yep I bought 1, now wait for it to turn up, thanks my friend


Hope you like it!


Thanks buddy it all looks good so I went for it, i’m sure I’ll get some great shots with it


Isolated amber trichome alone on a hair :slight_smile:

@daz49 that’s exact same microscope one I got as well. It’s so easy to use. I get an app called scopecam and it can even take vids. Can just tap pic also and it grabs a still.


Thanks my friend, it’s sure going to be fun to use, can it be used with your phone or does it have to be plugged into a laptop


I use my s8. It plugs right into the charge port. The app pops up and I tap usb. Then I can see thru the microscope and snap pics. EZ.


You can use the snapshot button? I don’t know what I need to do to make it work.


You need to connect that to your laptop… Now I wait to arrive my adaptor for android phone… Hope I can make it to work on my phone.


And the disc comes with it that you need to use it ,is that right


Yes… On the disk is software for that.


Nope my app just had a pic button hah. The snapshot button is not functional. I just use the focal depth roller.


My to… My snapshot button from the application don’t work also but I use the print screen button from my laptop and paste the picture in paint program :wink:


Download scopecam app. It’s no ads and really nicely done.


Wait just a minute and I’ll get you both some shots of all 4 of my plants, that’ll be a first for me so I can’t wait to see


Here are some new pictures from white widow ,gold leaf, super silver haze and strawberry kush

I hope you like the new shots, 2 are a month behind the other 2
@Willd @Niala @Zombo @Majiktoker @HighDesertFarmer @M4ur


Great macro shots @daz49 :+1::ok_hand::heart_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::grinning::wink:


Nice @daz49 ! Starting to get a lil milky :slight_smile: new shots look awesome.


Thanks it’s the first time with all 4 plants, I can’t tell which is which though lol pretty much mostly clear with a few white and the odd amber, but they got ages yet, just nice to see them


A few I missed

I hope you all like them