Trichomes shots with my new microscope


Oh yeah a 200x magnification a bro, trying to sneak in there and beat us 90x magnification boys a bro lol I’m sure you’ll both be fine


Hahahha @daz49 you know me brother always push the envelope a little farther towards that edge hahahha
Do worry tho I’ll get 200x mag some one will top me next week and get 1000x mag lmfao that’s why I love all you crazy bothers and sisters on here we just keep raising the bar for each other lol :+1:


I am very very pleased with mine.


I don’t know if it’s the same 4u but if you trim those pictures then they will be full size when you post them
@Countryboyjvd1971 my bro showed me the 200x magnification so I wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up with it to, look forward to the pic’s bro


Should have it tomorrow I’ll get some pic of my super hash if it hangs on that long she’s getting close to harvest as well at just under 60 days from sprout lol crazy fast grower


So did you get it? We want photos!


Indeed, there were a few getting the camera well you know what I mean, well everyone where are all the beautiful pictures


Two things about the clip on scopes and magnifiers.
1 they’re really great
2 indoors or with absolutely 0 wind (never happens here)

All the pics I took of buds siting on my tray etc came out crisp and clear with beautiful definition
Everything I attempted in the field was blurry because of motion. I can’t hold a stem still with one hand and the iPad in the other and get a good pic. The deactivated phones we have suck too.


I might have to get an assistant (MrsWillD) to hold while I shoot or vice versa


Thanks for the tag @daz49 here are some shots from mine.

False grizzurp

Grizzly purp

Grizzly purp 2

Grizzly purp 3

Grizzly purp 4



Love those shots, looks mainly clear so far, I loved looking at mine at that stage, and the microscope add on for the camera was amazing


Here are the start of some great shots I have 4 plants on the go atm,and we’re just starting the clear trtrichomes at the start ,they are just 3 weeks in flower

This is the ssh but there will be gl, sh and white widow to come, and I will follow through the growth
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Great shots!

What are you using to take those pictures?


Here’s the link to my topic where you’ll find pictures from my Chocolope growth, sorry :frowning:, I have difficulies to download my pictures, I will have to try later @daz49


I am using a 100xmagnification microscope lense you can clip on to your camera, very cheap ,so we can all take these shots and use to monitor your trichomes development, there is a picture if you check through out the thread


Heres a couple of mine. Getting close i think.


Looking nice, feel free to post some more @butchbrooks if you go into your picture gallery and crop your pictures, they will come out big and make it easier to see your trichomes, looking beautiful though, I love trichomes ,still a few more weeks I’d say


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You need to try this one… Cheap and easy to use


Has it got a name to search for? How much and where did you get it, it looks pretty cool and takes great shots, is it easy to use