Trichomes shots with my new microscope


Yeah I’ll be placing a order in a month or so for a rosin press and I think I’ll slip one of those into my cart as well but need to pay a few bills first hahhaha
The press is the expensive part it’s about $450 but I can’t wait to get one @daz49


Phew that is an expensive piece of kit but I’m sure it’ll get plenty of use, I still look forward to seeing your pictures though as I’m sure you’ll be hooked,I forgot to say so is that a present to yourself or a birthday


I may just order one of these before I get press?
They look fantastic brother
Will have some nice trimmed up bud pics for soon with my ssh scrog screen
I have so much to trim I spent a few hours yesterday in room and still have a full tent hanging to do :+1::flushed:


Omg your making me drool lol I can’t wait to be in your shoes, I bet your loving it I think you should treat yourself to this little toy first, it’s just a few dollars and you could be taking pictures in a couple of days, when I was working if I wanted to treat myself, I would do lots of overtime to pay for it, so it didn’t come out of the family money


Yeah 10/4 brother that’s what I do also
I’m actually very lucky I can do as much or as little overtime as I want at my job so when I need a few bucks I go to work and I did a seven day week last week so I think I’m having my wife order one for me I think I saw them for like 20-30$
The rest of my grow stuff come out of my allowance hahahaha
I give the wife the paycheck brother she’s much better at the financial stuff I spend it all on tents lights and beans if it was in my hands hahahaha
That’s why I need to save for the press i won’t take from the family for this it my hobby not thiers lol @daz49 :v:️:cowboy_hat_face::+1:


Oh and @daz49 I have a 3 gallon storage bin full of bud to trim before I can get to the hanging stuff woohoo :raised_hands:


Yeah that’s totally the way I see it to, you can’t take from the family, I used to have the overtime when ever I needed it to, but it worked both ways to, if they needed me to do it so I couldn’t say no most of the time, good though I did love my job but I can’t work anymore


That’s stinks but stuff happens right buddy
Yeah it works that why with me as well when needed there’s no saying no
But my supervisor lets me manage myself and my partner and as long as we handle our end he leaves us alone and doesn’t question anything he’s the best :+1:
Helps working for a billion dollar corporation as well
Cause we always have budget to get things done we sub out all major work :+1:


You don’t want to wait until it’s too late. THC content starts declining once you get more than about 1/3 amber. It’s still potent as hell but is more likely to glue your ass to the couch after that point.


Lol thanks my friend, I’ll keep a close eye on the trichomes through this week and @bob31 will be guiding me through it, I must admit I am chomping a the bit to do it lol


i just ordered one of those little micro’s also - may play with the girlfriend with it till my buds develop


Nice one, I’m sure you’ll love it, it take guessing to a degree with my jewelers loop, out of the equation now and oh what a world to pull you in to, I look forward to seeing some shots


I think these shots are some of the best I’ve ever seen and I took them myself, I love it


How are they tricombs looking now man?


Here’s some pics of the bud I posted the tricomb pics of, dried & curing



I split the stem around 9 days ago and harvested Friday and drying now


Nice! Hope it comes out great!


Im just plain stupid cant get this thing to work on my phone - YOU GUYS OWE ME 9.00 DOLLARS


I just bought one for 14 $ @StormTrooperweed getting it tomorrow 200x zoom better work lol
Everyone has these great pics I want them too


Lol ok so what are you having problems with brother? Do you get it on ok or is that the problem