Trichomes shots with my new microscope


It’s a good thing ? I hope? hahahahaha @daz49


Of course lol with out question, all fellas want to be a diamond geezer, that’s the type of person who would do anything for anyone, he’d help anyone out and practically give you the shirt off his own back, if you asked him, that’s a diamond geezer


:+1: Very good, sometimes I’m not sure what you guys are saying! I’m sure you get that with us too!


Yeah it’s funny lol, I think you’d probably say I have a distinctive style with the way that I talk lol its probably funny for you to


LMAO! Was wondering the same thing! @bob31


Thank you brother @daz49 I appreciate that.


No worries brother anytime


I don’t do a diamond geezer very often my brother but it’s because I really appreciated you saying you don’t mind guiding me through my stem splitting, cheers brother


Diamond geezer. Expensive old fart? I fit the bill. Now I feel like I am in good company. :sunglasses:


You are in great company my friend, a close nit community, and really helpful


I’ve been here for a while. I love it here. :sunglasses:


Yeah I’ve seen you about and checked out some of your threads, how long have you been growing ? ,I’m a total newbie and I’m only on my 2nd grow and 1 plant each time, so very much learning


I’ve been growing for about 40 years. Mostly outdoors, set up a number of gorilla grows on golf courses and tree lines all over Central and South Florida. Now where I live outdoor is impossible.So I lay low and grow small. :sunglasses:


I would give her at least another week lot of clear still in there but will be worth all the time you spent I promise you that :wink:


Depending on the strain, if you harvest earlier with lots of cloudy trichomes and less amber, you’ll get more of a “head” high, with more amber you’ll get more of a body, couch lock (good for watching GoT!) high. And if you wait TOO long, yer tucked! It’s a matter of personal preference, I like the head high as my wife and I play Carcassonne, a strategic board game, when we’re blasted. Always fun to come up with a great move and than forget it when it’s your turn.:joy:


WTF is a diamond geezer???


That’s a neat microscope! I have two loupes that I don’t really like, they have a very small eyepiece.


Thanks for you reply, I went to bed as it was 3 am here, nice touch for you and the outside growing I’ve never been able to here, maybe one day but our climate is pretty cold and wet so I’m happy with my grow room,
@Sl1 definitely order yourself one of the clip on microscopes ,they are great and cheap
@hogmaster thanks for your comments and I totally agree maybe a week till I split the stem
@DieHigh55 thanks for your comments and yes I prefer the head high to couch lock so that’s why I want to get it right and a diamond geezer is a good thing and I explained what it meant after if you look lol


Woohoo brother nice close ups makes for seeing the color nice and easy :+1:
Need to grab one of them for my phone :+1:


Yes you do my brother, makes checking ya trichomes easy and makes for some sexy pictures, I’m loving it, and so cheap you could get a spare