Trichomes shots with my new microscope


Nice pictures my friend, love to see me some trichomes, they look great,did you see the microscope I told you about? How’d you like my trichomes shots


Here you go @Tonyb ,I don’t know what type of jewellers loop or camera, but a bargain I’m trying to alert all our growers to it :wink:


I just held my Jewelers loupe up to the camera on my phone


Great job my friend, my loops are all 60x magnification and 1 at 40x magnification, I think got a 100xmagnification hand held microscope and some one says does it clip to your phone, then I found one that did and I was hooked


Some are some great pictures from goldy, taken right now, I hope you all love them as much as me

I have taken to many great shots to put on here but they look amazing
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Better start sharpening that axe, my friend, quite a bit of amber there. Chopchop doesnt look very far off.


Starting to get milky and thought I saw some amber there? @daz49… It’s almost time


@Zombo So it’s not my eyes messing with me, you saw amber too?


Yeah there’s definitely some amber and white, but mostly clear still, great shots though ain’t they,yeah i’m thinking a week or 2, what do you think? As they are still producing white pistols I don’t know


Yes, seems like a little amber @DieHigh55 @daz49


That’s another good indicator. Here’s a good question to ask yourself before you harvest: if you were going to err, would you rather to be early or late? For me I think I’d always want to lean toward the late harvest. But that’s MY preference.


Thanks I’d say because I keep getting told patients patients patients, so I’d lean towards slightly late, looks like mostly clear, some white and some odd amber


Looks good to me…not long now…lol


I completely agree. Another week or two, barring something unforeseen cropping up.

And I ordered one of the damned microscopes too!


Well done my friend, I’m sure you’ll not be disappointed, yeah I think a week maybe 2 but because I’m going to split the stem, I was thinking of doing it Monday, what does everyone think? Or should I wait a bit as I don’t want to be premature

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Still got a ways to go. Still a lot of clear looks like only a couple amber. Let’s give her another week and take a look at those trichomes again! Then if you have more milky then you can take the next step! @daz49

The trouble is that you seem to have quite a bit of clear and only a couple amber. You need more milky if nothing else.


I don’t see how you’ve got amber already. The tricombs on my northern lights is all milky but not one gosh darn amber anywhere on the plant >:[!


Yeah that’s totally what I thought bro, mostly clear, some milky and the odd few amber, but being new to this I don’t know how quickly they change to amber, is it no clear mostly creamy and maybe 20% amber and that’s when I start the stem splitting is that right @bob31 ? Would you mind guiding me through this since you know really well what I should be doing


Sure bro, we’re a community garden, so we will get you to the right time!Once those milkies fill in the amber will be there too! @daz49 I would check them every 4-5 days


Thanks brother, your a diamond geezer my friend, that’s what I love about this site, if we was in weedville it’d be no problem cos you could pop in and check them for me, and with the drying and curing it’d be so so awsum bro