Trichomes shots with my new microscope


@Countryboyjvd1971, my eyes are shot, I can’t see jack when I look they my loupe… Lol


Wow some great stuff! Magnification is a cool thing.


Thanks my friend, I think everyone on here should have one


I’m the same way @Zombo


That’s gorgeous dude! Nice to know where you are at with the trichomes. No guessing!


Yes indeed, all you need is a little leaf


I see some amber, it’s almost that time!


I think this magnifier is a good deal… @daz49


That looks like the same one as mine, if you crop those pictures they’ll come out better my friend, but they are awsum I think
@Zombo here’s one looks like you can get in America, thanks @M4ur


Here’s is a picture of mine out of the box, they are very easy to attach and use


thanx going to amazon now to check these things out - I CANT SEE ANYHOW SO I NEED THIS


Nice Darren! I need something like this.


They are so good for us, we should all get one whoop whoop, looking forward to seeing loads of pictures


It’s the same @daz49 trust me :)… I buy that directly from china :), what price you paid for yours?


Glad you got one brother, I paid £3 ,I don’t know what it is in dollars


That would work great even for this retired sniper. :sunglasses:


Retired sniper that’s great, thanks for your service my friend, here’s some pictures from today
I will try for more either latlater or tomorrow


I ordered a unit since you posted about it @daz49, coming on Tuesday. Need to check me trikes out!


Happy for you my friend, I look forward to seeing the shots


Close up of my northern lights auto