Trichomes shots with my new microscope


Whit a decent phone you can shoot a good picture. Like my Samsung galaxy s3 :slight_smile:


Nice looking bud @M4ur. What strain and how many weeks into flower


She’s a late bag of seed… Planted outside ang bring her inside because it was to cold outside (15-25F).
I don’t know his real age lol.(around 4 months) She was left alone a good period.
In 2 days she will die.


That will be a nice smokin bud. :smiley:


Loved looking through all these trichomes pics!! Is it OK if I post a couple of mine for your thoughts?


Definitely post away, that’s the whole idea, everyone add to it


Awesome!! @daz49 All these microscopic pics makes one feel like a scientist! :joy::joy:

Anyway I am pretty sure they are not ready but I do love to look at them! These pics are like two days old I am going to check on them today when I get home from work.


Looking Great. You have very thick trichome coverage. To me, most look clear with some cloudy. How long in flower?


@MAXHeadRoom thanks! Is thick coverage good?! She is week 6 into flowering. Auto NL. Is it supposed to be that long? I’m patient but I’m just wondering. Definitely enjoying my first grow!!


You are doing very well for your first grow. :grinning:
I am at 6 weeks in flower too and look the same as yours. Actually you might have a few more trichomes then me.

Looking good. Stay on your nute schedule and make sure you flush before harvest.
Also start reading up on drying and curing because thats really important.


I see clear to milky(50%-50%)…maybe 2 weeks to go… Also, she still have white pistils.


@MAXHeadRoom @M4ur thanks guys! Appreciate the help so much. Been reading up tons on Harvesting and curing. Patience is definitely a virtue here. I bought some good pruning sheers already. Will keep you all posted on trichomes pictures. Show me your plant @MAXHeadRoom! :slight_smile:


@monstre Here is a link to my grow journal. This is my second grow with the Gold Leaf strain.

You also might want to enter the bud of the month contest we have. You have some nice looking bud.


@MAXHeadRoom awesome I’m definitely going to check our your grow journal. You think I should join the contest? Lol I may!


Yes you should. Thats a beautiful bud. Get a closer shot and try different lighting angles and maybe a white or black background


@MAXHeadRoom most definitely!! Thanks again max!


Here is some microscope shots taken today (12/8/17). This was the lower popcorn bud. Seeing almost 100% cloudy with no amber yet.

Fri Dec 08 10-31-09

Fri Dec 08 10-32-44

Fri Dec 08 10-34-58

Fri Dec 08 10-37-27

@monstre @BIGE @BlackShirt @bryan @Donaldj @Covertgrower @middlecoast @TheDuke @AnneBonny @Bogleg

And still 2 weeks to go till projected harvest. :evergreen_tree::rofl:


Nice pics!


Nice @MAXHeadRoom. If i can figure out my new microscope thing out I will be posting some tricome pics soon.


Great!!! :smiley: I could look at them all day. They are mesmerizing :star_struck::brain: